Button Mill®

Button Mill®

Creating Button Mill is a labour of love. The cheese starts life in our dairy at Wilson Fields Farm, in miniature, artisan basins, which produce small batches of cheese at a time. We treat each Button Mill as an individual right from the beginning, when it is gently placed - by hand - into its own cheese mould. There, our unique recipe of cultures behaves differently with each cheese, which is why Button Mill is carefully nurtured through a 7-day make to create the distinct & delicate rind that makes Button Mill so unique.

Tasting Button Mill is pure serendipity; its persona is modest and understated, yet the taste experience seems to take you away from all thats going on around you into a moment of tranquility and calm, a moment so sumptuous that more often then not only the wrapping remains.

Made at Wilson Fields Farm with pasteurised cows’ milk from the Butler family pedigree herd.


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