Asparagus and Crumpets! Two new Cheese Shot ideas for spring

Asparagus season is upon us, and we for one are excited to add it to our plates again this spring. There are many ways to enjoy it; especially as we start eating salads and attending BBQs with friends and family. But the end result is the most important; what we pair it with. Salt and black pepper is a given… But why stop there? Try it with our Blacksticks Blue cheese shots. Simply pop them in the microwave and voila! An easy, mess-free cheesy treat.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, another food that often needs some accompaniment is the age-old British treat: the crumpet. One of those foods which is acceptable to eat at any waking hour, no matter the weather. Surprisingly, the crumpet is a versatile snack and one we often take for granted by chucking some butter on it and ending it there. But this is 2019, and the Instagram age is upon us. The crumpet is now so much more than just a mid-morning snack. Crumpizzas – heard of them? Well you have now, and you need to get on board. Introduced by Warburtons, you just toast a crumpet, spread some tomato passata, and add toppings of your choice; red onion and pepper perhaps, and some of our delicious farmhouse cheese of course; keep it British. And if you don’t have time for that, melted Blacksticks Blue cheese shots on a crumpet are simply divine.

Cheese shots are available for £1.50 from our online store or in local Booths stores.