Can I freeze it? Yes you can!

To help make our food go further, did you know that all our farmhouse hard cheeses freeze well in their existing packaging. The best one to freeze is Trotter Hill; freezing makes hard cheese a bit more crumbly, but this is a natural characteristic of traditionally made Lancashire so it doesn’t detract from the eating quality. Thaw slowly in fridge before eating. Our farmhouse Blues (such as Blacksticks Blue) freeze well too, but they need taking out of the packaging and wrapping tightly in foil or a freezer bag, with as little air as possible. They will go a little crumbly, but they will still have a creamy mouthfeel. Thaw slowly in fridge before eating.

Both hard and blue cheeses can also be frozen in small chunks for use in cooking, straight from frozen.

Soft cheese don’t freeze well due to the higher moisture and delicate structure of the rind, which goes slimey on thawing.