Double swoop award wins for Farmhouse Lancashire’s at Global Cheese Awards in cheddar territory

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses flew the red rose flag down in Somerset this week after receiving not one, but two prestigious Gold awards with our Mrs Butler's Creamy Lancashire and Trotter Hill Tasty Lancashire at the Global Cheese Awards in Frome. A victory made all the sweeter as it was in Somerset, typically known for it’s cheddar cheeses.

Not only that, but we also bagged a range of other awards, including a bronze place for our famous smooth and creamy Blacksticks Blue!

Full list of awards here:


  • Trotter Hill Tasty Lancashire
  • Mrs Butler's Creamy Lancashire


  • Stratford Blue


  • Butlers Farmhouse Crumbly Lancashire
  • Blacksticks Blue
  • Button Mill


  • Sweet & Nutty Inglewhite Goats Cheese

The Global Cheese Awards is the final show of the season, so we’re delighted to have taken a number of awards and finished on a high. After winning numerous awards, our total haul for the season stands at:

  • 1 supreme
  • 20 gold
  • 22 silver
  • 20 bronze
  • 1 vhc

Roll on next year where we’ll be aiming to add even more to our ever growing collection.