What is a cheester egg and where can I find one?

Looking for a Cheese Easter Egg in 2021:

This year these 'egge'cellent delights are available on our Cheese Store and in our Letterbox Cheese range.

Because last year, one just wasn’t enough. We are super eggcited to announce that this year we will be releasing TWO cheester eggs!

“What is a Cheester Egg?” you ask.

Designed for all the cheese fanatics out there, our eggs are made of spreadable Blacksticks Blue and Cheddar cheese and come with a packet of oatcakes and sachet of chutney. These eggs will be stocked in selected ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Booths stores and will be available online from Ocado and our online shop. We will be releasing a store list in due course, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you just cannot wait, these eggs can be pre-ordered from our online shop and will be dispatched on 27th March, a day ahead of the official launch.

Wonder what do we do for the rest of the year? We are a family business based in the heart of rural Lancashire and combine traditional skills, love and innovation to create specialist and very different British hard, blue and soft cheeses with milk from our own goats and cows. Our other cheeses can be purchased from our online shop.


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