Beacon Blue Goats Cheese® Beacon Blue Goats Cheese®

Beacon Blue Goats Cheese®

Nanny knows best! Give your Greek salad a blue cheese twist or pep up your taste buds with our fresh, delicate goats’ milk blue. Stuff into juicy green olives for some deliciously unexpected party nibbles.

Beacon Blue is everything a great British goats blue should be. Creamy and fresh with a pleasing silky texture and rounded tang of blue becoming more peppery with age.

The freshest goats milk makes the best goats cheese and ours comes every day from our family farm just down the lane at the foot of Beacon Fell in rural Lancashire. The blue veining runs through the distinctive bright white cheese and the flavour is beautifully balanced and clean. Try with sliced pears, walnuts, honey and a sip of sauvignon blanc. Salut!

Made at Wilson Fields Farm with pasteurised goats’ milk from Nicola Butler’s pedigree herd.

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