Stratford Blue™ Stratford Blue™

Stratford Blue

The perfect subtle, creamy British farmhouse blue equally at home in a sandwich or on a cheese board. Makes a sensational soup and a sublime salad dressing.

Stratford Blue is smooth and indulgent with a creamy colour from the rich Lancashire milk from which it is made. A soft textured creamy cheese with a gentle blue kick and a flavour that deepens with age but doesn’t overpower the senses. Hand-made in open vats and formed in individual moulds, turned by hand and matured under the watchful eyes of our cheesemakers in carefully controlled conditions before being graded for a rounded, delicate flavour. Good with Port and crackers, amazing with Prosecco, dates and Parma ham – Buon appetito!

Made at Wilson Fields Farm with pasteurised cows’ milk from the Butler family pedigree herd.

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