Sweet & Nutty Inglewhite Goat’s Cheese®

Sweet & Nutty Inglewhite Goat’s Cheese®

Bright white, fresh, firm with a sweet nutty flavour; Inglewhite Goats Cheese has a semi firm texture and is a great alternative to classic cow’s milk cheeses.

Hand made in at our dairy in Inglewhite, using the freshest goats milk from Nicola Butler’s pedigree herd just down the lane in rural Lancashire.

The freshest goats milk makes the best goats cheese and ours comes every day from Nicola Butler’s herd on our family farm just down the lane from our dairy.

Inglewhite is a much more then just great hard cheese alternative for those intolerant to cow’s milk. Its firmness and nutty flavour make it unbelievably delicious when served with pears, walnuts and honey.

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