Trotter Hill Trotter Hill

Trotter Hill

We’ve made our signature recipe Trotter Hill since 1932. Carefully aged for up to around 12 months the cheese is characterised by its golden colour and open buttery, crumbly texture. This is a real “Wow!” cheese with a full, savoury flavour that lasts and lasts beyond the initial tang in the mouth. This is an outstanding cheese for a cheese board but it will also transform recipes with unbelievable flavour. Perfect with crusty bread, crunchy pickles and a craft ale.

Butlers Farmhouse Mature Trotter Hill is made by hand in open vats with the cheese curds being allowed to develop their unique taste and texture over a slow make. Curds are filled into individual moulds and cloth bound in the traditional way and then carefully matured for at least 7 months. The texture is open, the colour is golden, the flavour is A-MAZ-ZING!.

Made at Wilson Fields Farm with pasteurised cows’ milk from the Butler family pedigree herd.

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