A cheese egg?

Brighten Up Easter With The Blacksticks Blue Cheese Egg

The most crack-ing gift of 2021 is now letterbox sized! Forget about chocolate, this is the perfect Easter treat!

Cheese board

The Blacksticks Blue Guide To A Bangin’ Easter Cheeseboard

Here we go, get Blacksticks Blue centre stage, build up around it with all kinds of delicious nibbles - no fussing - oh yes! Add a bit of Oomph to your Easter with Blacksticks Blue

Add a bit of a oomph

Make your mealtimes mega!
Just add Blacksticks blue!

Louis Smith MBE (Gymnast)

Make mealtimes mega!

"Food has always been really important to me, especially when I was training six hours a day. When I was younger, I must admit I didn’t like anything spicy or any type of shellfish. Even now, I can’t say I’m a huge fan but I’ll admit I haven’t been brave enough to give them another try! When it comes to Christmas, I’ve definitely been known to sneak my brussels sprouts under the table when I don’t fancy them, and to involve my dog in the festivities. All that said, I love my food, and now being retired from Gymnastics has given me the freedom to be even more experimental with my meals."

"Food should be fun and make you smile – which is so needed after the year we’ve had. Now it’s Christmas, it’s all about the food in our family. My advice to the big kids out there is to never assume that you don’t like things without giving them a go. You don’t have to be a chef, even by stirring in something like Blacksticks blue cheese or sprinkling it on top of your average meal can really bring it to life - don’t let the idea of it put you off."