Our Parlick Sheep's Cheese is named after the Parlick Fell, just 5 miles away from our family farmhouse dairy in Lancashire. Parlick is the perfect ewe's milk alternative to Cow's milk Cheddar.

Naturally nutritious and rich in protein, sheep’s milk contains all 10 essential amino acids, making it a ‘complete’ protein source. Many find it easier to digest than cow’s or goat’s because of its whey protein content. It’s health benefits like this that are contributing to its growing popularity.

To release all its flavours, don't forget to leave it out of the fridge (and ideally, its packaging) at least 1 hour before you want to tuck it on your cheeseboard.

"We’ve had hundreds of messages from our customers telling us how much they love Parlick the minute they try it. To taste, many find it similar, but perhaps a little creamier than cow’s milk cheese, and not as strong in taste or aroma as goat’s!"

Matthew Hall, 4th-Generation Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses Cheesemaker.


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