Recyclable Packaging

Here at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses we love cheese, but we also love pushing the innovation of our packaging to new limits. Living and operating in a sustainable and conscious way isn't new to us; it’s who we are, how we've grown up & who we've always been, it’s the Farmhouse way. But with more and more emphasis on our planet and thinking about the environment, it’s vital we are doing our utmost to drive our business, and the whole industry, forwards!


We have invested in our packaging strategy over a number of years and have worked closely with industry experts to bring the future for cheese packaging to our retailers and our customers.

In October 2020 we launched our recyclable polyester (PET) packaging - making us the first cheesemaker in the industry to have a fully recyclable British cheeseboard.

The recyclable polyester (PET) packaging for our Perfect British Cheeseboard can be recycled as one unit (including the film, since the tray and film are made from a single material), without compromising shelf life or our beautiful packaging design. Cheese packaging is traditionally made up of several different polymers, which makes it difficult to recycle. Our new packaging is a single polymer, including the outer and barrier (with different barriers developed for the type of cheese), meaning it can be widely, and easily recycled.




Combining traditional cheesemaking with a love of innovation, we have also launched our 'This is Proper' range with new 100% recyclable packaging.



Never standing still, we are already in phase two trials of our packaging journey, using a number of natural alternatives such as seaweed.

 “We’ve always been a business that looks ahead. Using our collective expertise to come up with innovative solutions is what drives us and means we can continue to make premium quality, award-winning British Farmhouse cheeses."

Matthew Hall, fourth generation owner at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses


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