Kidderton Ash is a silky-smooth goats cheese made with milk from our herd. The milk is as fresh as it gets; travelling just a few miles up the lane to our dairy, where it is pasteurised and then made into Kidderton Ash the same day.

Under the watchful eyes of our cheese experts, each Kidderton Ash cheese is handmade, and then coated and matured with ash for a distinctive finish that is furry and speckled. The result is a spectacle of contrast in colour, texture and taste.


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"This cheese is made with Goat's milk so fresh, from Goat farmers with such high standards that you don't really get the 'Goaty' taste that people associate from Goat's cheese in the 80's. Instead, you get a sweetness which gives way to an intense, deep flavour at the back"

Out of the Vat, Into the Ashes

Kidderton Ash is a handcrafted goat’s cheese log, rolled in ash prior to maturing. But why?

The ash helps a unique rind develop around the cheese, which gives it a contrasted, a speckled appearance and helps contain a constantly developing flavour profile.

Charcoal ash is to Kidderton Ash what an oak barrel is to whisky – it defines what it is.

Our Goats Are Lovingly Cared for by Our Family

Family members Nicola, Matt, 5-year-old Henry and 2-year-old Cora live on Throstle Nest Farm, where they look after our goats. 7 days a week. Henry loves to help out with tasks he can manage, like feeding time. The milk from Throstle Nest Farm goes on to make our award-winning Kidderton Ash.

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