Let’s face it; everyday fridge cheese is boring!

Blacksticks is BACK!

A contemporary blue, turbo-charging the
British cheese movement


Level up your bank holiday burgers with our epic Blacksticks Mega Melts.


Otherwise known as Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses. You'll find all you need (as long as it's cheese) right here. We've got total classics, mouldy masterpieces and everything between, all available from a cheeseboard for one to the stock to supply the nation's supermarkets.

Blacksticks: Campaigning to set cheese free

Let’s face it; everyday fridge cheese is boring. 9 out of 10 of us have cheese in our fridge, but more than half of that cheese is nothing more exciting than cheddar. Enter, Blacksticks. We’re on a mission to brighten things up, one fridge at a time.

Why should it be that great cheese is reserved for the Christmas Cheeseboard? Blacksticks breaks away from these rules, shaking off the shackles and setting cheese free - because rules are meant to be sliced, grated, and toasted!

Our Promise To You

We Call It 'Butlerness,' it's just the way we roll...

A quirky mix of innovation, combined with good old fashioned agricultural know-how. That's how we balance sustainability and unbelievably delicious cheese, while making sure the business side of things runs as smooth as our Brie - like making sure your cheese arrives right on time.

Always handmade

Of course we have a few machines to help us out, but fundamentally our cheese (hard, blue and soft) is made in our farmhouse dairy in rural Lancashire by our team of amazing cheesemakers.

Minimal milk miles

The majority of the milk we use comes from the friendly cows who surround the dairy, much of it owned by extended family. There's just a couple of miles between the dairy and our cheese store - from here, our cheese is distributed around the country!

Graded for perfection

Our Master Grader, Bill, ensures all of our cheeses are perfectly matured when they leave us. When you buy direct, it comes straight from our store at the perfect time in its life, with maximum shelf life for you!