The Importance of Community in the Agricultural Workplace

We have always had a passion for our community, and today it burns as bright as ever. Community can cover so many groups of supporters from the local area who work for us, buy from us, supply to us, farm for us and just generally motivate us, to the growing community of cheese-lovers who continue to encourage, challenge and work with us. Over the years, we have undertaken several initiatives to do our best to give back...

Butlers Larder - 2020

As the global Covid-19 pandemic hit in the early months of 2020, supply chains broke down and getting food became a challenge. To ensure that those who were vulnerable had access to food we pulled together essentials boxes initially. However, we quickly realised the effect the pandemic was having on local businesses as well as the public and so we rallied around and pulled together an online offering of local produce from the North West. This, we named Butlers Larder.

This delivery food service quickly became an essential source of food for those in the North West and provided a lifeline to small businesses who had seen their sales disappear overnight.

Butlers Larder continues to provide a wide range of the best makers and producers from the North West. It's a project we are particularly proud of, and we're grateful to those who are involved - customers, producers and our team who pack and deliver.

The Blacksticks 10k

Annually for the last 15 years (excluding 2020/2021) we have sponsored the Blacksticks 10k road race through our local streets. The BSB10k is a fun race aimed at all abilities, but over the years we've seen a few pros gracing the streets of Longridge!

Rural Broadband

Whilst being extremely beautiful and perfect for dairy farming, being out in rural Lancashire did have its drawbacks technologically. In 2018 we took the opportunity to sponsor the installation of superfast broadband lines for the area all around our dairy (without troubling grazing cows), ensuring those living in the area could finally get online with the kinds of speeds those living in more urban areas enjoy.