Without milk there isn't cheese. If you want to make amazing cheese, we believe you need amazing milk and to have amazing milk you need happy healthly cows, plus the least amount of time between milking and making cheese.

We are extremely lucky because the majority of our milk comes from the fields that surround our dairy, many of which are farmed by extended family. Our milk lorry does the rounds in the morning and is at the dairy before lunch. The milk goes straight into the pasteuriser (we pasteurise all of our milk) and is into the vats being made into cheese before the day is out.

The same goes for our Goat's milk, which comes from just down the road. People often comment that our Goat's cheese tastes fresher than any they have had before. We put this down to how quickly we are able to get it into our vats for cheese making.

Food Miles

Locality is really important to everything we do and whilst it's difficult for us to do anything once our cheese is in the hands of our customers we are able to ensure that there is minimal time, distance and impact in what we do.

🧀  All of our cheeses are made and matured under one roof in our farmhouse dairy.

🚚  All of our cheese is sent out from our store located 6 miles from our dairy.

👍 There isn't many ingredients in cheese but we do our best to source everything locally including packaging.

♻️ We are on an ongoing journey to ensure our packaging is fully recycleable and has the lowest impact it can on the Earth.