Bold packaging, a bright hue and just enough bite for you to know its a proper blue cheese; Blacksticks Blue often gets a reputation for being a bit of a wild child, cheese traditionally just isn’t like that.

Deep down though, Blacksticks Blue is not so different - it's made by hand in our Lancashire farmhouse dairy, an idyllic place surrounded by fields where our family and friends cows graze (the same cows that provide our milk).

The milk arrives each morning, we pasteurise it on site and it goes straight into the vats where we start making our cheeses. Fresh milk is a real advantage in cheese making, as is decades of experience - we have that too as a fourth generation family business.

Blacksticks Blue is actually creamy and mellow, with just enough blue bite to get your taste buds tingling. It adds a bit of oomph to any setting - the shining star of any cheeseboard and yet equally as at home in a weekday sandwich or to give dinner that added edge.

Blacksticks Blue is the UK's best loved blue cheese - if you haven't tried it yet, then you better hurry up and get to the party.

Add a bit of OOMPH!

Blacksticks Blue is an amazing culinary secret for making meal times mega without the hassle. You don’t need to measure, it doesn’t matter if you can’t cook, just get some in the mix and ‘add a bit of oomph'


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"Many people are surprised that Blacksticks doesn't have a harsh blue flavour - it's quite mild - but it has an intensity which you can really taste at the back."

Super Oozy Blacksticks Blue Mega Burger Slices

It’s time to crack out the barbecue! Come shine or rain, we’re here to brighten things up with Blacksticks Blue Mega Burger Slices.

These thick cut, rind-on Blue Cheese slices take any burger to levels never seen before. If you want Next-Level, super oozy, Instagram-ready burger goodness, then look no further.

Forget plastic cheese slices, put some OOMPH into your burgers with Blacksticks!

"Grown Up Kids" - Add a Bit of Oomph & Open Up a New World!

We love our Blacksticks Blue and over the year’s it’s been described as 'the Blue Cheese for people who don’t like blue cheese!?’ When people give it a chance, they genuinely love it. However, the amount of times over the years we’ve heard ‘oh I don’t like blue cheese’ when sampling is too many to bear thinking about! So, we thought it was about time we got to the bottom of this ‘fear’ of blue cheese once and for all.

We surveyed 2000 adults in the UK. A whopping 60% admitted they have gone to extreme lengths to avoid trying something new to eat – including sneaking it into the bin (55%), feeding it to the dog (38%) or hiding the evidence in a napkin (35%).

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