Sunday Best was born out of love and dedication for creating the most spectacular cheese.

This 50 year old family recipe comes from Jean, a 2nd Generation Cheesemaker here at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses (or Gran as we like to call her). It's cherished within our family and has accompanied many fantastic meals, that's why we're ensuring this recipe is not just a part of our history, but a part of our future too. 

This authentic farmhouse Lancashire cheese is lovingly hand made by our Cheesemakers. It takes 48 hours to make, and is then aged for a further 18 months - in cheese years, that's a long time! When we make cheese over this amount of time, there's more chance something could effect the process, but it's worth it, and that's why all of our Cheesemakers pour their every effort into hand-making Sunday Best slowly to produce a exceptional cheese for you to enjoy!

"Sunday Best is absolutely the best melting cheese for toasties, every day of the week!"

Gill Hall, 3rd-Generation Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses Cheesemaker.

Sunday Best, award winning Lancashire cheese, great taste


2022's Guild of Fine Food judges certainly had, well, great taste! 

With thousands of entries each year, the Great Taste Award is only given to around a quarter of entries. You know as soon as you see the logo on a food or drink, it's one of high stature. 

Sunday Best has only gone and won 2 stars... in Great Taste terms that means this cheese is "outstanding".

Sunday Best was described by judges as “so good we had to go back for more" - that is something we certainly agree with!


That's a 'Keeper'!

Have you ever wondered why our Sunday Best cheese has a distinctive green ribbon? Well, that's because Bill our Champion Cheese Grader always set aside the very best of all our cheeses for special occasions. Traditionally these were called 'keepers' and were reserved with a green ribbon so they could easily be spotted. 

"We've been perfecting the recipe for over 50 years to ensure quality and consistency when it comes to cheese. The result being Sunday Best - a traditional farmhouse Lancashire cheese, bringing you the best bits of Cheddar, Continental and Territorial cheese all in one delicious strong and complex wedge."

Matthew Hall, 4th-Generation Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses Cheesemaker.

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