There is no escaping it, we are a family business. That’s what makes things exciting, and these family values are the bedrock of our culture. Richard and Annie started it, Jean and Tom nurtured it. Gill and Colin opened it, and the history page is just turning for Matthew and Daniel (pictured).


We just cant get enough of it. As a family we eat, sleep and live cheese - it's our passion, and we like to think that we are really good at making it.

We make all kinds of cheese, from classic Lancashire recipes to tiny soft cheeses inspired by those found in France.


You name it, we've tried it! Cheese is so versatile and fun to work with - and we're constantly thinking about what else we can do with it.

Some of our projects include:

Blacksticks Mega Melts - round burger slices carefully cut from mini whole cheeses. Bye-bye processed, rubbery rubbish.

The Cheese Easter Egg - Internationally renowned amongst chocolate haters, the Cheese Easter Egg is as delicious as it is legendary.

Blacksticks Cheese Brûlée - Slightly more divisive, and born from how well Blacksticks pairs with sweetness. Some love it, some just think it's insane.


Nothing to do with cheese, but for those few seconds when we aren't thinking about cheese, we are probably thinking about dogs. If you come to our dairy, you are likely to meet one or two of our four-legged friends (outside of course).