11 Days On...

11 days on from the gut wrenching fire that tore through our lives last Monday, destroying our packing, warehouse and offices in Longridge, I am using our usual Friday morning business review time, to pause and reflect. 💭

I can’t describe the feelings that have washed over us as a wider Butlers family these last 11 days, but I can articulate how proud I am of our team. We have never missed a beat turning milk to cheese and maintaining our relentless focus on quality. 🐄 After all, at our heart, we are farmhouse cheesemakers and therapy can be found in making our cheese. 🧀 The road that lies ahead may be undulating, but as one wider Butlers family, we will take it together. The agility, innovation and flexibility I’ve seen these last few days right across the business, as we adapt once again to a new normal, fills me with hope. 

Farmhouse cheesemaking is a community affair and while it was never in doubt, the support we have had over the last 11 days has been nothing but breathtaking. 🫂 What a privilege it is to have a community like this. Too many helpers and supporters to name, so let me simply say a heartfelt Thank You for your continued support, it means more than you will ever realise.