Super Oozy, Gourmet Burgers Everytime

The sun is shining (not that that matters) and it’s time to crack out the barbecue! Sun or not, we’re here to brighten things up with Blacksticks Blue Mega Burger Slices.

It's time to show your friends and family who owns the grill! These thick cut, rind-on Blue Cheese slices take any burger to levels never seen before. Handmade in Lancashire, these cheese slices truly put traditional rubbery cheese slices to shame. If you want Next-Level, super oozy, Instagram-ready burger goodness, then look no further!

For that mega burger goodness, grill one side of your burger, flip it and get the cheese straight on - if you have a lid get it on now to get some heat in the cheese. Once both sides are cooked you should have some ultimate ooze factor. Get it in a good brioche bun with ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce and tomato... and boom. Get ready for that taste explosion!

Go classic with some good quality beef burgers, or for the veggies among us, remove the stem from a large portobello mushroom and pop the cheese slice in the underside of the mushroom. Not a mushroom lover? You could also try a veggie burger or even straight cheese - fortune favours the brave!


For ultimate outdoor entertaining this summer, look no further than Blacksticks Blue Mega Burger Slices, no matter whether it’s a family barby, watching the footie with mates or a first date, you really can’t go wrong.

Available from Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Co-op and Online here.

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