The Cheese That Thinks It's an Easter Egg!

The Cheese That Thinks It's an Easter Egg!

Here's at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, we're famous for our range of “Cheester” Easter eggs at this time of year, but this Easter, we're changing things up a little...

…introducing the Blacksticks W’EGG’DGE - the cheese that thinks it’s an Easter egg.

We've been forced to put our annual Easter egg production on hold after a devastating fire at our office and packing site in November last year.

Instead, we've been busy handmaking our full range of hard, soft and blue cheeses at the dairy (a separate site unaffected by the fire), to replenish lost cheese stocks.

In an egg-cellent twist and in response to Blacksticks’ loyal fanbase flooding Butlers’ inbox asking when the egg will be launched, we have got as close to our most popular Cheester egg flavour, Blacksticks, as we can, with the Blacksticks W’EGG’DGE, meaning that cheese lovers can still enjoy Blacksticks on their Easter cheeseboards.

The Blacksticks W’EGG’DGE wants to be an egg so much, it has a picture of one on the outside of the pack, but inside you will find the original wedge that is known and loved for its distinct orange colour, delicate blue bite and indulgent, creamy texture. The Blacksticks W’EGG’DGE is whatever you want it to be, and is available to buy now from Butlers’ online cheese store, £4 plus postage.

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