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What does it mean to be ‘Proper Cheese’?

Here at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, Proper Cheese is nothing new, it's what we have been doing since day one, four generations ago. Up here in Lancashire, “proper” is the word we use for things done really well, by traditional craftspeople who really know what they are doing. No corners are cut, resulting in the highest quality imaginable.

We use Farmhouse in our name as traditionally we had to earn this right - a farmhouse cheesemaker had to meet a strict grade, including ensuring that the majority of your milk came from your own herd. We maintain these principles today and in our eyes they are as relevant as ever.

This is Proper Cheese as a product has also be championed by The Grocer as a Top Launch in 2021:

Proper Cheese is sustainable and ethical.

We champion Low Food and Milk Miles, we source all our milk from a 10 mile radius leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Therefore, our cheese arrives on your table having not travelled the world.

Our herds are treated like they are part of the family, this loving care guarantees fresh, high quality milk. Our dairy is situated between two of the wettest cities in the UK, all that rain means lush grass (the cows love it) and lush grass equals rich milk. The Lancashire clay soil is high in acidity and results in a slow, natural cheese making process, meaning we don’t have to add any acid to start the process.

Not only is our cheese responsible, our packaging is too!
This is Proper packaging is fully recyclable - a first for British cheese. Here at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, we are leading the way in bringing sustainability to the sector.


Handmade in Lancashire using traditional methods

The loving care we put into our methods by our seasoned Cheesemakers results in top quality, handmade cheese. A great source of calcium, made without nasties, our cheese is good for you as well as being truly delicious. As well as this, all of our cheeses are made without animal rennet, making them suitable for vegetarians.

It is our true belief that everyone in the UK has the right to real farmhouse cheese, handmade on our shores using traditional methods. This is why our prices are always fair and everyone along the journey is paid fairly. We support British Agriculture and farmers throughout.

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