Blacksticks Blue Guide to a Bangin' Easter Cheeseboard

Blacksticks Blue Guide to a Bangin' Easter Cheeseboard

Cheeseboards are the perfect end to that delicious Easter roast - they could seem like a tradition from the past, but that's far from the truth.

A good cheeseboard creates an opportunity to chat, share, discuss, discover, laugh, and so many of the little moments that make time spent with family and friends so special. Now, more than ever, time spent together is so valuable. Cheeseboards really can be epic - here's our guide for hitting the nail on the head!

Don't Be Scared

Let's not beat about the bush; many people are quite frankly a bit scared of blue cheese - but that's not a good reason to look elsewhere. A good blue cheese is essential, often the star of the show, the start of a good conversation and the topic of many a dare! Blacksticks Blue is absolutely the perfect blue for any cheeseboard. Visually its bright orange hue is ideal for bringing a bit of brightness, and from a flavour perspective, it is actually really creamy, which provides a striking contrast to the blue bite. It's perfectly balanced. Therefore it has the power to convert many a blue cheese pessimist!

A cheeseboard isn't a cheeseboard without choice - we suggest a soft cheese and a classic hard. You don't have to go big; you just need to bring variety to the table. Be daring enough to try something more than a cheddar and brie - there are so many great cheeses out there. British cheese is easily as good as its continental counterparts, so why not fly the flag with some Best of British! A good Lancashire hard cheese like Sunday Best - is not dissimilar to cheddar but with a much more open texture and slightly different flavour profile. Some great British soft cheeses are also available (in fact, UK cheesemakers produce over 200 different kinds of soft cheeses); something like Button Mill is an exquisite choice. Remember also, much like wine, cheese likes to breathe, so get it out of the fridge 20 mins before serving.


Get the Look

A cheeseboard should look abundant, colourful and exciting. Therefore once you have your cheeses placed, build up all of your delicious nibbles around it to look like something Julius Cesar might have eaten whilst laying on a day bed. Figs, grapes, nuts and pickles are all great additions and provide lots of varieties for loading up those crackers. Get plenty of colour variation and try to balance what is sitting next to each other. Keep anything wet away from the cheese, or it will absorb the flavour.

Cracked it

You can't have a cheeseboard without crackers - it's just not right. Be sure to get a good variation and make sure there are plenty - no one wants a cracker shortage! It's another excellent opportunity to be a bit daring, try something new or something that you haven't seen before - for example, did you know the Blacksticks Blue tastes amazing on a ginger biscuit?



Chut Chat

Let's talk chutney; if you don't know where to start, get something with a bit of tang like an onion relish, this will help balance the flavours and is a crowd-pleaser. When it comes to chutney, be sure to get a good quality one, there really is a big difference in taste!

That's about it; you're good to go. Why not get some classic games out whilst you are all grazing? It's the perfect opportunity to nibble and play - that's what get togethers are all about!

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