Traditional English Farmhouse Cheese - With A Wild Side!

Traditional English Farmhouse Cheese - With A Wild Side!

Bold Packaging, a bright hue and just enough bite for you to know its a proper blue cheese; Blacksticks Blue often gets a reputation for being a bit of a wild child, cheese traditionally just isn’t like that. Deep down though, Blacksticks Blue is not so different - it's made by hand in our Lancashire farmhouse dairy, an idyllic place surrounded by fields where our family and friends cows graze (the same cows that provide our milk).

When you buy Blacksticks Blue you can rest assured that this is an English cheese, made using fresh pasteurised milk from our local area. It arrives each morning, we pasteurise it on site and it goes straight into the vats where we start making our cheeses. Fresh milk is a real advantage in cheese making, as is decades of experience - we have that too as a fourth generation family business.

We keep our food miles low and to continually strive to lower our carbon footprint in an authentic and efficient way that means we aren’t just offsetting what we burn. Our newest innovation is fully recyclable packaging made using one type of plastic that makes life easy on the recycling centres. This is a first for cheese makers, although we’re not stopping there as we continue our pursuit towards plastic free packaging.

Enjoy Blacksticks Blue knowing that this is true British cheese, made the old fashioned way but to exacting modern standards - an example of tradition and innovation meeting harmoniously. If you’ve not tried it yet, give it a go today and let us know what you think.

We have so many fans around the world who have sent us songs, poems, drawings and more - all dedicated to the UK’s Number One Blue Cheese - Blacksticks Blue.