Farm 24 - Imagine a World Without Goats Cheese...

Best Modern British Cheese at this year’s Nantwich Show was awarded to our very own Inglewhite Sweet & Nutty Hard Goats Cheese. Butlers is all about family and this extends far and wide, including our trusty goat farmers, Nicola and Matt, Nicola in fact being niece of Owner, Gill Hall.

The farming duo, based in Throstle Nest, just around the corner from our dairy, deserve a gigantic pat on the back. Without their herd of happy goats to produce the milk that makes our cheese, we would not have such a delicious product, we would have no goats cheese.

Imagine that, a world without goats cheese? As it’s Farm 24 today, we thought we would tell their story in a video to show what it’s like to house this responsibility. A responsibility shared by farmers up and down the country, to keep our shelves lined with delicious produce to keep our taste buds content.

So here it is, a day in the life of Nicola and Matt: