The Perfect British Cheeseboard

We are very excited to announce the launch of our fully recyclable Perfect British Cheeseboard. This innovation, developed by our team, is a first for the cheese packaging industry.

We’ve invested a vast amount of hours and resource into our packaging strategy over the last few years. This includes working closely with industry experts, such as Ian Schofield (known for his plastics work with Iceland) over the last 12 months, so we can bring the future of cheese packaging to retailers.

The recyclable polyethylene (PE) packaging can be recycled as one unit, without compromising shelf life or our beautiful packaging design. Cheese packaging is traditionally made up of several different polymers, which makes it difficult to recycle. Our new packaging is a single polymer, including the label and barrier (with different barriers developed for the type of cheese), meaning it can be widely, and easily recycled.

“We’ve always been a business that looks ahead. Using our collective expertise to come up with innovative solutions is what drives us and means we can continue to make premium quality, award-winning British Farmhouse cheeses. We now have a credible solution for the shopper that is doing the right thing for the environment" Matthew Hall, fourth generation owner

The Perfect British Cheeseboard, a collection of our show-stopping cheeses: Blacksticks Blue, Sunday Best and our soft cows’ milk cheese Button Mill. Available here, on the Butlers Larder and in Booths stores.

You can read more about our packing innovation here: 

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