'Meal Hacks' With Blacksticks Blue

'Meal Hacks' With Blacksticks Blue

Forget Recipes - It’s All About Meal Hacks

Let’s be honest we don’t all have time to conjure up new, fancy dishes every night. We love 'Meal Hacking' - it’s fun, easy, experimental and actually there isn’t too much that can go wrong with a few helpful hints. Blacksticks Blue is an amazing culinary secret for making meal times mega without hassle. You don’t need to measure, it doesn’t matter if you can’t cook you get some in the mix and ‘add a bit of oomph’ to a ready meal, something you made yesterday or chuck it on toast if the cupboards are empty. What’s great about Blacksticks Blue is that its actually very mild, therefore when used in dishes in adds a richer flavour but doesn’t overpower, even if you are a bit heavy handed.

Here’s a few helpful hints:

1) It’s best not use it in dishes where Cheese isn’t really welcome - think Chinese, Thai and other Asian cuisine.

2) It melts brilliantly, just like a cheddar or any other cheese you may used on a daily basis

3) Don’t be shy - its unlikely to overpower

Here’s a few of our favourite Meal Hacks:

Nacho’s - Switch in Blacksticks Blue and reap the rewards - its absolutely amazing with Salsa, Guacamole, Jalapeños and of course some delicious nachos or melted together - let the good times role.

Pizza - Grab any shop bought pizza and jazz it up a bit with some Blacksticks Blue before baking - you won’t regret it.

Spaghetti Bolognese - Add a bit into the bolognese sauce to add a rich tang that’s truly delicious.

With Christmas Coming why not:

Melt Blacksticks Blue into the cheese sauce for Cauliflower Cheese with a bit of kick.

Serve with Sprouts and Bacon on cocktail sticks as a way to get 1 of your five a day.

There’s so many ways to hack the meals you eat everyday with Blacksticks Blue - Remember fortune favours the brave.


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