Crumbly Lancashire

Crumbly Lancashire

Crumbly Lancashire is quite different from a Creamy or a Tasty Lancashire. It is made with the same rich milk from our local family farms but it is made more quickly and sold when fresh and young for a clean, bright almost lemony flavour. The cheese is crumbly (you guessed that from the name, right?), moist and with a bright white colour. With a clean, sharp taste this is a lovely cheese crumbled into a salad, much as you might with a feta. Enjoy with a crisp, chilled white wine.

Butlers Farmhouse Crumbly Lancashire is made by hand in open vats with the freshest farm supplied milk. Curds are filled into individual moulds and the maturation is a short 2 – 4 weeks to result in a fresh, bright lemony taste and characteristically crumbly texture. Crumbly Lancashire doesn’t melt easily but if you blend a little with some melted Creamy Lancashire you can add lovely texture and freshness to a quiche or cheese pie – A bit of a Lancashire secret!

Made at Wilson Fields Farm with pasteurised cows’ milk from the Butler family pedigree herd.

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