Kidderton Ash

Kidderton Ash undergoes a fascinating transformation as it ages. When young, the cheese appears chalky and bright white all around; it's also firmer to touch, and is milder and fresher in flavour.

As it begins to age, the cheese breaks down firstly from the outside, and starts to look gelatinous. As the cheese gets older, the middle core gets smaller, and there becomes three different textures: chalky in the middle, gooey on the outside and crunchy on the ash!

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Button Mill

When young, Button Mill is a fresh and zesty little cheese. As it ages, the cheese will begin to break down from the outside in, with a firmer core that becomes creamier closer to the rind.

Leave it a few more days in the fridge, and Button Mill becomes creamier still - really runny, rich and indulgent throughout. Moorish doesn't cover it!

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Ravens Oak

Sharing similarities with Kidderton Ash but distinct in its own right, Ravens Oak develops in flavour and texture as it ages, without the crunchy crust of ash.

As Ravens Oak starts to mature, it first softens from the outside, giving the cheese a gelatinous appearance. As it keeps aging, you'll notice the firmer core shrinking, leaving you with two delicious textures: a creamy middle, and a gooey outer layer.

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Parlick Brie

As a Sheep's Cheese, Parlick Brie stands out for its slower aging process compared to Cow and Goat milk soft cheeses - this also means it has a longer shelf life.

With a unique flavour evolution from the outside in, Parlick retains a firmer character throughout the aging process, softening slightly inside but never getting as runny as a goat's cheese.

As it ages, look out for a noticeably different flavour on the outside than the inside, as it starts to break down.

Parlick Brie is available in Waitrose and Morrison's Deli Counter.