Cheese Award Winners 2021

Cheese Award Winners 2021


What a year it was for Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses at the numerous Cheese Awards that we entered! 

We're so proud of the awards that we won in 2021 and the amazing hard work that the team constantly puts in to ensure that our Farmhouse cheese continuous to bring joy the Cheese lovers across the nation.



We're thrilled that the nation's favourite Blue Cheese was award a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards.

Blacksticks Blue cheese is the smoothest, most creamy blue cheese around. It packs just enough blue bite to keep those taste buds tingling; we always knew it would be a winner! #HumbleBrag

We're excited to enter the Great Taste Awards again in 2022 and will be bringing more of the Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses family with us - keep your eyes peeled for the latest news.



The World Cheese Awards were held in Oviedo in Spain in 2021. A truly global cheese event, the World Cheese Awards brings together cheesemakers, retailers, buyers, consumers and food commentators worldwide to judge nearly 4,000 cheeses from over 40 countries.

We're thrilled to announce that Beacon Blue, our Goat's Blue Cheese took home the Bronze rating this year!

it's a cheese that's often missed by people. It's a goats' cheese milked from the family herd. It's a very unique product with being a blue cheese and a goats' cheese - that's what makes it so special.

It is silky and sweet like a goats' cheese and peppery tangy from a blue cheese. It's a favourite cheese of our cheesemaker and grader - people who really know their cheeses. It's quite hard to come by a goats' cheese and a blue cheese, both are complicated products to make in their own right.

You can discover the taste of Beacon Blue yourself on our website.



We had another successful year at the ICDA in 2021 which saw us winning the David Dunn Memorial Trophy for the Best Cheese Board and another 17 medals across the entire Butlers Farmhouse range of hard, soft, blue, and goat's cheese.

Matthew Hall, a fourth generation owner, said: "We had an incredibly successful year at the ICDA awards which is testament to the hard work put in by all of the team. Our successes including winning multiple awards for our hard, soft and blue cheeses as well as for our packaging and our cheesemakers. Perhaps the one we’re most proud of though is for our '' Perfect British Cheeseboard” as it demonstrates our unique capabilities."

The final results for ICDA are in, and we couldn't be more over the moon! 

Category Name Butlers Cheese Result
Farmhouse/Trad Cheddar Cheddar Silver
Farmhouse/Trad Crumbly Crumbly Block Bronze
Farmhouse/Trad Creamy Creamy Block Bronze
Tasty Lancs. Block Tasty Block Silver
Territorial Type - Non Trad Sunday Best Bronze
Soft Cheese -Non Trad Kidderton Ash Silver
Soft Cheese -Non Trad Button Mill Bronze
Branded Packaging MYO BSB Gold
Goats Milk Cheese Proper Goats Bronze
Goats Milk Blue Cheese Beacon Blue Bronze
Cheese Territorial - UK Only Sunday Best Bronze
Sliced Cheese BSB Slices Bronze
Best Cheese made by a novice cheesemaker BSB Silver
Best Cheese made by a novice cheesemaker Button Mill Bronze
Cheeseboard display Perfect British Cheeseboard Gold
Cheese Cake display Goats Cheese CDA Bronze
Best label design on branded pack Proper Cheese Bronze




The Virtual Cheese Awards were held on Friday 7th May 2021 and there were over 400 entries from across the United Kingdom and was unique in allowing cheesemakers to watch their cheese being judged by the panel of judges which provides plenty of valuable feedback.

We're so proud of the awards that we won at the VCA this year and loved hearing amazing feedback from the judges. You can see the full list of our winners below:

Category Name Butlers Cheese Result
Best Smoked Cheese Smouldering Ember Gold
Best Lancashire Cheese Mrs Butlers Gold
Best Lancashire Cheese Sunday Best Silver
Best Red Leicester Rothbury Red Gold
Best Double Gloucester Goosnargh Gold Silver
Best White Mould Cheese Ravens Oak Gold
Best Goats Hard Cheese This is Proper Goats Bronze


Please keep an eye out for news of events and awards for 2022, we're hoping to bringing our Farmhouse cheeses to a whole wealth of Cheese events and awards.